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Battlefield One Bad Company

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Battlefield One Bad Company Empty Battlefield One Bad Company

Post  Aarius on Sat Dec 10, 2011 7:15 am

I'm a BF 1 BC junky, there I said it. Are there meetings and stuff you have to go to once you fessed up? I do have a "phobia" I guess is what you'd call it. I played through every level and finished them all in April of 2010 and I do not play online. Why is that? Glad I asked, I don't know... except I'm a really old dude, as in before dirt old, a real Vietnam Era Veteran and it is great therapy for me to play "CRASH and GRAB" until I've figured out every little way there is to make things happen that are not supposed to happen. I only play in SINGLE MODE and logged on to just check one little thing... I have done a lot of reading, a lot of playing, and I just cannot figure out if there is any way to destroy that annoying HIND at the com center. I can sneak up the stairs after going down to whatever the writers had in mind for you to do down there, except activate the HIND on the top of the building across from you and wake up a hundred bad guys who can't shoot a BB gun. I can stand there and unload 20 .50 cal rounds into it, slam it with shoulder fired missiles, set off 4 HE charges scattered all around where it is, and more - but, it heals, winds up, and flies away... That has to be a SINGLE PLAYER mode thing. Does anybody know for sure? Maybe you don't know how to get a tank all the way to the gold trucks IN THE REFINERY in "Crossing Over" - I do, you might be amazed how much there is to blow up on that side. Keep it fun, and if EA and all support decide to release another First Person Shooter that doesn't have "gutter language" I would gladly buy it.


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