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Battlefield Play4Free

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Battlefield Play4Free Empty Battlefield Play4Free

Post  RZRsharpKLR on Thu Apr 28, 2011 4:42 am

I gotta say, I'd never thought PSN being down would bore me SO much.... So I've been trying loads of games I came across on the computer that are time consuming, fun and free (not many out there).... So, I finally came across the Play4Free installment of Battlefield, and its freakin AWESOME. It has the first-person style of play that I prefer, graphics that are relate-able to Battlefield 2, good sound quality and very smooth easy to get used to gameplay.

Not many maps are available at the moment, assuming it's only due to the fact that it's still in Beta stage. The maps are >> Karkand, Sharqi & Oman, and all of them are played in Conquest mode. The guns are a little "iffy", I'd prefer unlocking them through rank, not by purchase... I'd like it if you didn't have to leave the match entirely to switch classes, or even just firearms for that matter. I've only played the Assault & Recon kits with the AEK-971, G3KA4 and the STG.77 AUG.... the Recon I used the SV98, M95 and the M24....

Pretty cool game overall, go check it out for yourselves!!
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