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I guess we're all new at one time or another...

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I guess we're all new at one time or another...

Post  Aarius on Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:27 pm

I was new just out of High School in 1964 and in Basic Training at Ft. Gordon, Ga. The new wore off after all training was done and the world came to show me how to grow up fast.

Today I'm 100% retired and I'm something of an oddity at PTSD classes at the VA because I now do in a virtual world things I wanted to do back before dirt. I've been online since the mid 1990's and love the whole thing.

If there's something some one has not tried in Battlefield BC1, it is a good possibility that I have. I really enjoy going after the writers, finding the glitches, taking a tank all the way to the before the guys get busted by their "comrades" and a weird discussion about soap takes place. With a tank you can blow stuff up you may never have realized could blow up but first you have to get it there. I probably lost 100 tanks before I figured it out - stay out of the water with track vehicles.

I play SOLO because I can't compete with the teenagers online who can shoot me in the fanny before I can find a place to hide.

In the past two years I have not been able to figure out if there is a way to kill the HIND after you go downstairs for pretty much no reason. I can sneak along the wall and unload as many 50 Cal rounds into as I want to, but it never takes any damage. I've blown it up with 4 charges strategically placed before going to the COM CENTER, nothing. I've fired numerous missiles at it, nothing. So I guess that in single player mode you don't need the green locators and the HIND is completely safe - what's it doing there in the first place.

Anyone who speaks my language - old - would be a welcome guest. Thanks to all and enjoy the relative clean, family oriented context of BC1.


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Re: I guess we're all new at one time or another...

Post  Wsxdas on Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:53 pm

Oh look, the first post in more than a month. I would recommend somewhere else good sir, nobody is here at all.

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