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(Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!!

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(Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!! Empty (Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!!

Post  UnknownRushingLeague on Fri Jun 24, 2011 3:04 pm

We have a clan on XBOX Live that we are getting organized. We are looking for people who play the Call Of Duty Series, that currently are playing Black Ops. This clan will be transitioning to MW3 when it is released on 11-8-11. We are also looking for players that have average skill, as we will be holding occasional practices to hone in on skills, and address strengths and weaknesses. We currently have 3 people including myself. My stats are 2.40 K/D 15th Prestige, average Score Per Minute is 450-600. The other 2 members have similar stats. We have been playing Call Of Duty since WAW, but are looking for people who are dedicated, and simply want to win anywhere we go. Message me on FB or on XBOX Live @ SAINTxFROMxHELL to try out. This is a Guys and Girls clan.


- K/D must be above 1.25. (POLAK is an exception)
- Must be over 16 years old.
- Friendly conversation is always welcome, but when in a game, it will be about the gameplay at the current time.
- No childish arguments about weapons choices.

►Additional Info◄

No changing of Gamertags is needed. All that is asked when in game with clan is that you use the clan tag (UrL).

►What Will Not Be Tolerated◄

In order to be competitive as a team, a team must cooperate within. This means that any unnecessary actions towards other clan members, can be considered a sign of disrespect, and the key to a successful team starts with respect. Any member, no matter skill level, rank, etc, who is disrespecting others will be warned 1 time. After the warning is issued, IMMEDIATE rejection from the clan will be executed. This is to ensure that all members are enjoying their gaming experience, along with being competitive as a team.

(Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!! Try2

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(Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!! Empty Re: (Unknown Rushing League) !!!RECRUITING!!!

Post  Demonicpopcorn on Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:06 am

cn i jn i hav rly g00dz kdr its like 4.2397000 ans im a goodz qwikskoper
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