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How to Win on Nuketown Wager Matches - A Guide

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How to Win on Nuketown Wager Matches - A Guide

Post  Patty on Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:08 am

I'm just putting this together out of boredom, so be patient.

I play an awful lot of wager matches. They are so much fun to me. I often enjoy a lot of success playing those modes, and I thought I would share my strategies with all of you.

First, let's look at this map of Nuketown I have edited.

The circles are the wager match spawn points in that area of the map, to the best of my knowledge. The arrow is where I want you to be standing. If you stand in the garage, you can farm kills like crazy. This is incredibly useful in Gun Game, SharpShooter, and One in the Chamber.

Almost nobody will run to the garage from the car side. People coming from the street will usually run into the bottom of the house, ignoring you. You're generally very safe.

Another reason why this strategy works is based on the habits of players. When you spawn, you almost always start sprinting. If there is somebody waiting right outside your spawn point, with a gun at the ready, you will almost always die. That is why this spot is so effective. It gives you an advantage over all players spawning in the backyard.


1. Get to the garage as soon as possible.
2. Poke your head out, and look for players who just spawned
3. If you see a player, kill them quickly. If not, continue to step 4 anyways.
4. Retreat to the safety of the garage.
5. Stay in the garage for ~5-10 seconds (VERY IMPORTANT. They will only spawn if you aren't looking at where they will appear).

Repeat 2-5.

I PROMISE that you will win games on Nuketown easily this way. Try it, and let me know how it goes.
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Re: How to Win on Nuketown Wager Matches - A Guide

Post  ginga-ninja on Fri Jan 14, 2011 5:45 am

So you did make this thread. And I was right. Cool.
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