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OFFICIAL CSI: New York Thread

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OFFICIAL CSI: New York Thread

Post  Hardline Pro on Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:45 pm

This is the thread to discuss all things about CSI: NY.


CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) is an American police procedural television series which premiered on September 22, 2004 on CBS. The series was the second indirect spin-off from the popular show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and directly from CSI: Miami during an episode in which several of the CSI: NY characters made their first appearance. The show currently airs on Wednesdays at 10/9PM ET/PT on CBS or in the UK on channel 5/five usa at various times throughout the week.

The show follows the investigations of a team of New York City Police Department forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths as well as other crimes. CSI: NY was produced in partnership with the Canadian media company Alliance Atlantis. The company dissolved after the third season in 2007 and all production is now done under the purview of CBS Paramount Television.

The show's 100th episode aired on November 19, 2008, in the USA.

Season 6 began on September 23, 2009 at 10:00PM ET in the USA, Channel 5 in the UK began broadcasting Season 6 on Saturday, 9 January 2010 at 9:45pm concluding 12 June 2010 and RTÉ Two in Ireland began broadcasting it the same month.

The show was renewed for a seventh season on May 19, 2010. It will premiere on Friday, September 24, 2010, at 9:00PM ET. On July 12, 2010, it was confirmed that Melina Kanakaredes will not be returning for the seventh season; the next day, Sela Ward was confirmed to be joining the show's cast as an experienced investigator from Washington, D.C., whose work is driven by her empathy for the victim. Ward will make her first appearance in the seventh season premiere.


A spin-off from CSI: Miami, the third edition to the franchise follows a Manhattan forensics team headed by tough Marine Major, turned NYPD Detective First Grade Mac Taylor. Against a backdrop of simmering ethnic and cultural tensions, Taylor probes cases similar to their Las Vegas and Miami counterparts, along with his team of Detectives, consisting of Detective Third Grade Danny Messer, Detective Third Grade Lindsay Monroe, ME turned CSI, Detective Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, and an un-named Detective due to join the team in Season 7. The CSI's work alongside Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback, Lab Technician Adam Ross, and tough NYPD Beat Cop Detective First Grade Don Flack. Former team members include Detective Third Grade Aiden Burn and Taylor's second in Command Detective First Grade Stella Bonasera.


Gary Sinise as Mac Taylor
Sela Ward as Jo Danville
Carmine Giovinazzo as Danny Messer
Anna Belknap as Lindsay Monroe
Robert Joy as Sid Hammerback
A.J. Buckley as Adam Ross
Hill Harper as Sheldon Hawkes
Eddie Cahill as Donal Flack Jr.
Melina Kanakaredes as Stella Bonasera


Season 1 - 13.6
Season 2 - 14.2
Season 3 - 13.9
Season 4 - 12.6
Season 5 - 13.03
Season 6 - 12.66
Season 7 - TBA


Baba O'Riley - The Who

Sources - CBS Database, Wikipedia, and The CSI Wiki


Unfortunately, Mac Taylor is not in this signature, so Donald Flack Jr. will be representing CSI: NY instead.

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